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I'm a new hire/new student. How do I obtain a new ID card?

Start by sending an e-mail to with your UID number and a digital photo of yourself following the below parameters:

  • Any passport photo
  • A non-passport photo fitting the following requirements:
    • The photo must be of only the student (no group photos)
    • The photo must be taken from directly in front of the student (no side angles)
    • The photo must be in color
    • The photo must have a solid background
    • No sunglasses, hats, hoods, masks, etc.
    • JPEG format, under 1 MB if possible

If your photo fails to meet one or more of these requirements, you will be notified and asked to resubmit the photo.

Photo Submission Guide

How do I get my card to work for building access?

Initially, cards must be activated for lab building access by a department administrator or supervisor.

Card Services does not handle door permissions; that function is handled exclusively by Campus Security. Security can be reached via e-mail at or by telephone at 626-395-4701.

How do I report a lost ID card or request a replacement card?

Use the IMSS help system to report a lost card or request a replacement. See our help page for details.

What is the fee for replacing a lost ID card?

The fee to replace a lost ID card is $30.
(effective May 1st)

I’ve submitted an online request for a lost card. How long does it usually take to receive my card in the mail?

Cards sent out in the morning normally arrive 1-2 business days. If you sent a request for a card and have not received your card in the mail within this time frame, please contact us.